Taking after Mabel, I have a true love and need for plants to be apart of my everyday life. Last winter, as we were gearing up for the long cold winter ahead, my mom and I attempted to make terrariums out of  old cookie jars.  We kept them on our kitchen counters as a reminder that new life and GREEN was just around the corner.  Friends and family would come over and rave about our terrarium creations and soon all requested that we make them one to share in their home.  What started out as a simple craft to ‘get us through the winter’, soon turned into a side business for us. 

I am so please to announce that Theodore and Mabel’s terrariums are being sold at Wasco Nursery. Prices average around $89-109 for the larger vases, and around $27-$49 for the smaller vases that make for the perfect housewarming gift! If you are interested in purchasing your own secret garden,  stop by Wasco Nursery located at 41 W781 Route 64 in Saint Charles, IL. 

If you have any questions about any of the creations you see or would like to personalize a terrarium, please feel free to email me at tedandmabel@gmail.com 

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Photo Credit: Ryan Moore Photography. For more information on the amazing work Ryan does, visit his website @ www.ryanmoorephotography.com. I have been so blessed to have the most supportive friends and family help me out through out this new life venture. So, thank you Ryan for giving up your Labor Day to help me out! 



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