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Recycling my Leather Bags! FOR SALE


For those of you that don’t know yet, I decided to eliminate the use of any animal products in my life.  So my recent dilemma has been this: what in the world do I do with all the leather I have in my wardrobe?   I think that throwing away each piece would just be counterproductive and wasteful.  I do, however, feel that walking around with a leather bag in tow while claiming to live a ‘kind’ life feels very hypocritical.

After much consideration, I have decided that I want to recycle each piece. I want to sell each bag and donate 100% of the proceeds to a wonderful organization, The Gentle Barn. The Gentle Barn’s mission is this: ‘To rescue, rehabilitate and give sanctuary to abused animals. Through the interaction with our animals people learn reverence for all life’. TGB is located in California and houses over 130 rescued farm animals that were abused, neglected or ready to be slaughtered.

Each bag is used, but loved none the less. If you are interested in purchasing one, please email me at  I plan to ship for free, all I ask is that I receive a check made out to THE GENTLE BARN for the selling price and an address you would like me to ship it too!  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me as well!

These make wonderful gifts as well:)

I got this bag when I lived in Italy. It is hand crafted and an 'Il Medici'. It has gold buckles and a british racing green interior. Asking price $40.00 SOLD!!!

This is probably my most favorite one. It is mint green with a cream interior. There are tons of compartments inside and is large enough to cary a laptop in. It was purchased at Anthropologie and made by Nest. Purchase Price $35.00! SOLD!!!!!

Never been used Coach Wristlet. It is light lavender and I am including a Banana Republic credit card holder with this purchase. Purchase Price $25.00 SOLD!!!!

This Banana Republic bag is a beauty and in fantastic condition! It can fit SO much, I was able to carry text books around in it. Purchase Price $40.00 SOLD!!!!!

This Miss Albright clutch was purchased at Anthropologie. It has have a few water stains in the base of the bag. It is fairly large and works a great summer everyday clutch. Purchase Price $25.00

This pink clutch was purchased at Anthropologie and is made by Nest. It has been used maybe 3 times and has bright yellow interior. Purchase Price $15.00

I love this bag. It is shiny maroon rust red color. It can hold a laptop and my favorite part is the owl interior. See image below. Purchase Price $40.00. Check out the owls! SOLD!!!

I LOVE this clutch! It goes with everything and you can dress it up or down. Perfect for those city date nights:) Purchase Price $20.00 SOLD!!!!!


Meet Russell! Did I mention he is bilingual?


Meet Russell!

Russell is an adorable 10-month-old who must have lived with a Spanish speaking family at one time because he is most responsive to “sit” and “stay” in Spanish. He’s working on his English too and we anticipate that he’ll be bilingual in no time! In addition to being smart when it comes to language comprehension, Russell is also seemingly housebroken. But don’t worry, just because he’s smart doesn’t mean that Russell isn’t also a social butterfly; while on walks with his foster mom this little fellow stops to greet everyone that passes by.

Russell is currently living with another dog in his foster home and does well with other dogs he meets on walks. He isn’t super into playing with other dogs but is perfectly happy to greet them and could certainly live with another dog that just wanted to cohabitate instead of romping around all the time. It may be hard to tell from his photos, but Russell is about 12 lbs. so he is a great size for most any living situation.

As with all One Tail at a Time dogs, Russll has been neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and microchipped. His adoption fee of $200 helps offset our medical costs. If you are interested in adopting Russell, please email Karen at To see all the other great OTAT dogs looking for homes, please go to

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