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Market37 – Things we love!



1. Pillow + Patterns

2. Coffee – it’s a must!

3. Simple design – Packaging

4. Artistans – Artists – from all over the world!

5. Pottery

6. Handmade – Knitting

7. Plants

8. Traveling

Ideas are brewing:) Stay tuned! 

Image created by Hannah Eloge


Spring is coming!


Today is supposed to be ALMOST 60 DEGREES!!! And for those of you who know me, you know that I looooove warm weather and sunshine. I woke up at 4am today, maybe because I am so excited for this little glimps of warm weather, and thought I should spend my early morning  blogging about spring and sipping coffee:)

I have a feeling that bright colors, such as orange&neon yellow, will dominate this season. Here is some inspiration:







batik |bəˈtēk| — a method of producing colored designs on textiles by dyeing them, having first applied wax to the parts to be left undyed.

While traveling to Tanzania, Zambia, and Zanzibar I fell in love this vibrant textile design method. I remember spending my afternoons walking through markets and discovering the most hidden shops in search of finding my favorite pattern. In many of these countries woman create batik businesses as a way to provide a livelihood for their families. These artisan work with minimal resources and materials but are able to create such beautiful pieces! They are not to go un-noticed, check out their creations!

Batik Print Pillows

Created by Aklala

I wish I could wear something like this, she is owning this dress!


The perfect floor pillow!

I love this robe!

Amazing! and check out those earrings!

Monastiraki Flea Market


While in Athens, I was able to go to the famous Monastiraki Market. It was my idea of a perfect Sunday. We woke up early, took the metro to the Monastiraki Station, woke ourselves up over a cappuccino at an open air cafe while watching the hustle and bustle of the market enfold right in front of us.  People watching is one of my favorite past times so I felt right at home. Every Sunday at around 6am, antique dealers and local vendors arise early to fill the streets in hopes to sell their most treasured possession. It’s simply amazing. You will find the most intricate turkish rugs, pocket watches, candle stick holders, light fixtures, flower-pot,  handle knobs, and the list just goes on and on. While meandering around all morning, I made note that the Monastiraki Market would be a perfect place to find those ‘rare finds’ when T&M takes off.

Just the most beautiful pottery

I wonder what is inside?

I was obsessed with these. simply gorgeous.

Welp, I won't be learning Greek anytime soon:)

It would take a lifetime to get through all these

Only a matter of time

So many wonderful trinkets!

The perfect daybed

I really wanted this but the guy was charging 40 euro!

Lusting over.

I would love to put this in a child's room someday:)

obsessed with this pattern


I will be back, just wait!




In my efforts to create an Etsy account for Theodore&Mabel, I came across this extremely talented artist.  Her profile is very vague, so all I know is that she is located somewhere in Europe.  But she creates  the most beautiful kilim, suzani, ikat pillow covers I have seen.  If you have a moment, check out her Etsy shop SUKAN! I just had to share some of my favorite pieces of hers with you. Aren’t they just gorgeous!

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The Bootstrap Project- Crafting a More Connected World


I came across this movement a few weeks ago and was instantly captivated. Their mission is along the same line of how I want Ted&Mabel to be developed. Their mission is as follows:

The Bootstrap Project’s mission is to create a sustainable platform to promote and retain centuries-old crafts and customs. We create the outlet for the local artisans. The profits of the sales go back to the artists and their communities, through our development partners, to empower them by providing the education and opportunity to retain, preserve and advance their fast-dying crafts, customs and way of life.”

 I want to be able to find artists and share their story with a wider audience. I believe that once you build a relationship with an artist or see pictures and learn the story of the person who crafted that (insert item or piece here),  you, as the consumer, will feel much more committed to the particular cause the product is supporting, as well as have a very personal shopping experience. I want to share the artist’s background, educate the buyer on their country and heritage, see the beauty created, and most of all share that knowledge with others. Look at what is created all around the world!

Gorgeous! I want it ALL!!!! 

Why I need to go to Turkey


I am going to Greece in a month and have been trying to figure out a way to tack on another week to go to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It is supposed to be the largest covered market in Turkey. I think these textiles are reason enough for me to tell my boss I simply need another week of vacation.  I mean my mouth is literally watering. GORGEOUS!