Four things you need to know about me:

1) I love art.  In all forms.  I can spend hours strolling through galleries, rummaging around flea markets, conceptualizing new designs, and I really try to see a piece for all it’s beauty. I love to create and be around inspiring people.

2) Growing up my mom would always read storybooks to me. We had bookshelves full.  I loved pretending to be a part of the fictional world.  It was so playful and I could go anywhere and do anything. Over the years it has manifested into an urge to find out others’ stories: where they came from, life experiences, etc.  I’m a damn good listener because of it.

3) Plants, plants, plants. What can I say, I NEED them in my life. Can’t live without ’em. They are beautiful and make me happy:)

4) I’m a traveler.

Who are Theodore &  Mabel you might ask?

Theodore (aka: Ted) was my maternal grandfather. He grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, saved his pennies until he could buy a farm of his own, then traded farming to follow his dream and open Wauke Mills, a feed mill that’s still around to this day. Ted was a hard worker–he lived off the land, could build or refurbish anything, and had the strongest hands out of anyone I’ve ever met.  But he was also a man of few words. He spent his 20’s travelling around the country but where he went or what he saw is still the family mystery.

Mabel was his sister-in-law. Like Ted, she also lived in Wisconsin and owned her own business–a flower shop in Milwaukee.  But, unlike Ted, she was an artist. She was passionate, outgoing, and loved being with people. Polar opposites in almost every way.

So why am I telling you all this?

I want to follow in their footsteps, using  Theodore and Mabel as my inspirations to start my own business.  I always had this idea filed away in my head, starting a store, but never thought it was an appropriate career path. It’s not stable, not a huge money-maker, or a 9-5 for that matter. But what I neglected to see was that pursuing my passions would lead me to so much more fulfilled than any corporate job could ever. I need to do what brings me joy and allows me to be creative. I love the idea of building lasting relationships with artist where I can use my resources to help promote their work. It excites me! I love decorating and creating inviting spaces for others to enjoy.  My plan is to combine artists work from all over the world to create an interior/home goods boutique.  This blog will be a culmination of my journey opening Theodore & Mabel, finding pieces and works that inspire me, artists that inspire me, travels, organizations to get involved with, interesting people/stories, plants and gardens, etc. Basically a little bit of everything I love!




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  1. Hooray for LIFE TO THE FULL, Laura! This is wonderful, exciting news…we are kindred spirits, you know:) I’ll be rooting (no pun intended) for you in every way!! xo’s Natalie Salminen Rude

  2. What a fantastic idea, Lu! If there’s any way I can help, let me know. I do have access to a tiny corner of the media world, after all! 🙂 Hugs, Ellen

  3. This is lovely! I’m just a random who stumbled upon your beautiful blog and it is so inspiring. I wish you all the best on this beautiful journey.

    And, even more random, my husband and I are 2 Americans living in Kenya – lots of beauty here to inspire. If you ever want to visit please don’t hesitate to look us up. And if you want to read a bit about our own journey (and hopefully dispell any weirdness from me writing to you) you can visit either of our blogs ( or

    All the best! – Ilea

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