What’s your artistic outlet?


I create! I find it to be such a personal time to solely focus on one thing and to completely immerse yourself in the ‘zone’ for a few hours. Some people are bakers, some are painters, some write music, some journal all their thoughts out, some throw on the wheel, and others (well, me) build terrariums!  I need that ‘me’ time where you can block out everything around you and put all your focus and energy in one specific avenue.  There is something so hopeful about working with plants too. I think with the seasons changing I am trying to find hope that, yes, summer and the sunlight will come back to me.

These little creations range from $19- $27. They make for the perfect house warming gift:) There are for sale at Wasco Nursery (click here for more info) or you can email me at tedandmabel@gmail.com if you live in the city and don’t frequent out west that often and we can work something out!


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  1. These are perfect, Laura! I wish we could find a way to ship them back to Minn. (or would let me carry them on the plane??)–I would give them all away as xmas presents! Doesn’t everyone in the Midwest need a little green in their lives during the winter?

    I can’t wait to visit–let’s do some crafting/creating while I’m there!

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