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Hibernation Mode.


I woke up this morning only to discover that it is freaking freezing outside!!! All I want to do is curl up in my apartment and hibernate all winter long until the sun comes back to me.  This is what I will need to survive:

Well obviously I will be needing this bed!

Fireplace is a necessity. Wood burning is preferred.

cozy sweater!

This dress to romp around in.

This is multifunctional; stair stepper while expanding my mind!

Everyone needs a comfy chair to snuggle up in and this would be mine!

Coffee is a must., especially in that mug.

I love me some good smelling candles.

Stay warm this winter!!!


Meet Russell! Did I mention he is bilingual?


Meet Russell!

Russell is an adorable 10-month-old who must have lived with a Spanish speaking family at one time because he is most responsive to “sit” and “stay” in Spanish. He’s working on his English too and we anticipate that he’ll be bilingual in no time! In addition to being smart when it comes to language comprehension, Russell is also seemingly housebroken. But don’t worry, just because he’s smart doesn’t mean that Russell isn’t also a social butterfly; while on walks with his foster mom this little fellow stops to greet everyone that passes by.

Russell is currently living with another dog in his foster home and does well with other dogs he meets on walks. He isn’t super into playing with other dogs but is perfectly happy to greet them and could certainly live with another dog that just wanted to cohabitate instead of romping around all the time. It may be hard to tell from his photos, but Russell is about 12 lbs. so he is a great size for most any living situation.

As with all One Tail at a Time dogs, Russll has been neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and microchipped. His adoption fee of $200 helps offset our medical costs. If you are interested in adopting Russell, please email Karen at To see all the other great OTAT dogs looking for homes, please go to

This page can be found at the following web address:



Fashionably Faux


28 days ago marks the beginning of my vegan (aka ‘kind’) lifestyle.  I will be honest with you and say that eliminating leather products from my wardrobe was a huge fear of mine.  So many “vegan friendly” shoes absolutely terrify me, but I am determined to find fashion forward shoes, purses, belts, etc. where no animals had to die for a new trend. After doing a little research, these are some of the amazing vegan pieces I found.

Check out this awesome faux leather bomber Jacket from Target! Only $39.99!

Aren't these awesome!!! Novacas (vegan) ankle boots!

Okay, this brand is seriously gorgeous and SO reasonable. Every purse is under $100 and it looks just like leather:) Melie Bianco

Melie Bianco bag!

Matt & Nat. One of my new favorite brands:)

And I'm in love! Cri De Coeur

Obsessed! Another Matt&Nat

Vegan Coat?! How awesome is this!!!

My new winter boots! Steve Madden has as line called Madden Girl, all man-made products!


What’s your artistic outlet?


I create! I find it to be such a personal time to solely focus on one thing and to completely immerse yourself in the ‘zone’ for a few hours. Some people are bakers, some are painters, some write music, some journal all their thoughts out, some throw on the wheel, and others (well, me) build terrariums!  I need that ‘me’ time where you can block out everything around you and put all your focus and energy in one specific avenue.  There is something so hopeful about working with plants too. I think with the seasons changing I am trying to find hope that, yes, summer and the sunlight will come back to me.

These little creations range from $19- $27. They make for the perfect house warming gift:) There are for sale at Wasco Nursery (click here for more info) or you can email me at if you live in the city and don’t frequent out west that often and we can work something out!