Reupholstering. Is it really as difficult as it looks?


I have never really reupholstered anything substantial before. Growing up I have watched my dad continuously change the patterned fabric on our dining room table chairs to fit my mothers latest decorating fad, but all that consisted of was a staple gun and new fabric. I am dying to learn how to makeover a lounge chair or an ottoman with buttons.  I have so many pieces in my apartment that, let’s be honest, need some help. Look at these beautiful works of art….is it as difficult as it looks?

Rustic yet still classy

perfect for a front hallway!

Velvet and gorgeous!

There are no words.

burnt orange.

I mean if I could ever do that, WOW!

I would LOVE to have this chair in my life.

Image #: 1   2   3   4   5   6   7  


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