I’m not one for routines but when you work a 9-5 your life seems to become consumed by them. 5:30am alarm, check. Daily commute with coffee, check. Daily work routine (whatever that may be), check. Within this daily grind however, there is one routine I will happily keep long beyond my desk job days: my daily wine ritual. There is nothing more rewarding than coming home to that first glass of wine. Instant relaxation. And since a big glass of Cab Sav on my porch seems to take me to my happy place, why not incorporate this hobby into as much of my life as possible? I’m in love with some of these creative ways to use wine glasses in your decor….Salud!

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Sources: a,  b,  c,  d,  e,  f,  g,  h,  i,


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  1. Mmm, wine. You know how to speak to me, Lu! I’m on the look out for a wine cabinet/holder and love the upside-down rake idea! Although I don’t think my thin plaster walls would support it (nor would my landlord). ❤

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