DIY – Refurbishing a Desk


My roommate had an old desk that he was going to give away. After staring at it for quite some time as it sat in our hallway, I decided it would be my mission of the day to refurbish it. Now, if you had to describe me in 5 words ‘handy’ would definitely not be one them. I wanted to take on this challenge though because I fet like this would be a practical skill to learn. If I want to make Ted&Mabel happen I am going to need to know how to refurbish and restore (well at least until I can hire my own handy man!).  So I turned my kitchen into a work zone, made a quick trip to good ol’ Home Depot, called me dad for a few ‘helping tips’ and got down to business.

Taking the desk apart to wash, sand, and paint.

Sanding is a pain. Period. My friend and I had this brilliant idea to craft together sandpaper and an electric saw (minus the blade) to make our own sander. Lets just say it did not work out well.

Check out the original hardware! Isn't it amazing!

Two coats later....

The worst part was waiting for the paint to dry because these nats kept committing suicide by landing in the paint and I could not save them all. It was horrible to watch.

Final Product!

 For my first project, I think it turned out well!


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