The Bootstrap Project- Crafting a More Connected World


I came across this movement a few weeks ago and was instantly captivated. Their mission is along the same line of how I want Ted&Mabel to be developed. Their mission is as follows:

The Bootstrap Project’s mission is to create a sustainable platform to promote and retain centuries-old crafts and customs. We create the outlet for the local artisans. The profits of the sales go back to the artists and their communities, through our development partners, to empower them by providing the education and opportunity to retain, preserve and advance their fast-dying crafts, customs and way of life.”

 I want to be able to find artists and share their story with a wider audience. I believe that once you build a relationship with an artist or see pictures and learn the story of the person who crafted that (insert item or piece here),  you, as the consumer, will feel much more committed to the particular cause the product is supporting, as well as have a very personal shopping experience. I want to share the artist’s background, educate the buyer on their country and heritage, see the beauty created, and most of all share that knowledge with others. Look at what is created all around the world!

Gorgeous! I want it ALL!!!! 


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