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Young Entrepreneurs using Fashion & Design to Empower Women to Rise Above Poverty


A dear friend of mine told me about 31 Bits a few months ago. She and I are always talking about starting a business together, what our latest creative ideas are, and how we can give back. I think what captivated us most was that we could relate to where this young group of women were coming from when they started their organization.  They were recent college grads wanting to make a difference.  They took a trip to Nothern Uganda and met a community of women that would forever change their lives. Since 2008, they have over 115 woman creating jewelry which provides them the opportunity to become sustainable and rise above poverty.

This young group of women/entrepreneurs are truly inspiring and it gives me hope that doing what you love AND serving a bigger purpose can be achieved! Check out some of their amazing pieces!

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To find out more about 31 Bits, visit:




I am going to Greece this September with two of my dear friends. We plan to spend our days wearing long maxi dresses with a drink in hand while island hopping our way from Athens to Santorini. I have been carrying around my Lonely Planet Greece travel book and read it anytime I need a burst of excitement.  I can’t wait to lay on the beach, stroll through markets, and travel everywhere via boat! Less then two months away!

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Start with a Scarf. Add Hope. CREATE Beauty.


Welcome. Salaam. Bienvenue. Benvenuto. Bienvenido. Merhaba. Välkommen.


I have been talking about starting a blog for months now and I finally just did it. I will probably be redesigning the layout over and over again for the next few months, so bare with me.  This blog will be a culmination of my journey opening Theodore & Mabel, finding pieces and work that inspire me, artists that inspire me, travels, organizations to get involved with, interesting people/stories, plants and gardens, etc.